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Posts for: December, 2014

By drreminga@northernfootandankle.com
December 02, 2014
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We’re kicking off a busy holiday season... the feet take a pounding this time of year. Consider this...of all the bones in the entire body...1/4 are found in the feet alone. The feet are a complex system of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. According to a study...83% of consumers said they experience foot pain during the holiday season. The term...Shop ‘til you drop takes on a whole new meaning this time of year. Dr. Daniel Reminga from Northern Foot Care Center in Houghton shares some helpful tips for Happy Holiday Feet!

Why do our feet get so worn out?

Dr. Reminga, a board certified surgeon and Foot and Ankle Specialist, tells us…”After a long day the muscles in the feet and legs can fatigue and get tired. One reason for this is because the joints in the arch area of the foot can collapse and flatten when walking and standing for long periods. If you’re not wearing the proper shoes and the body’s foot biomechanics aren’t aligned, foot, leg and back problems can develop.”

What are some things can we do to help our feet?

Dr. Reminga, points out some things we can do…

  1. Smart Shoe Selection…Start out with the proper footwear and bring a spare pair of shoes. Wearing good, supportive walking are essential in making it through the day without foot pain. Choose shoes that have enough room in the toe box and have the right structure and support for your feet. Feet tend to swell when standing for long periods. Changing out footwear can relieve pressure points from swelling and shoes that restrict the foot.
  2. Remember “Slow and steady wins the race”- Pace yourself and take frequent breaks allowing your feet to rest and regroup.
  3. Beware of the Great Outdoors… It’s easy to get fatigued and feel mentally distracted when walking to the car, armed with bags and maneuvering crowds. Slick pavement or black ice can cause sprained, broken, or twisted feet and ankles very easily if you’re not focused on your surroundings.
  4. Pamper yourself…A relaxing foot bath with ½ cup of Epson salts to a large pan of water at the end of a long day can provide soothing relief to tired achy feet.
  5. Know before you Go! Understand your foot issues and be prepared with solutions before hand. I recommend patients call our office at Northern Foot Care Center for an evaluation… this will help patients understand what their foot issues are and the preventative measures that can help relive foot pain.

It sounds like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be hazardous to the feet.
How can we avoid these foot problems?

A first line of defense...

It is important to call Dr. Daniel Reminga at Northern Foot Care Center for a thorough evaluation. Dr. Reminga says…”I can recommend the proper shoes and a custom biomechanical device may be prescribed. As I mentioned, flat feet, high arched feet, bunions, hammertoes, and other foot issues can cause pain and discomfort after a long day. Most shoes commonly found in the market place do not provide adequate support and can not address an individual’s foot problems correctly. Someone may feel that they paid more for a certain pair of shoes; therefore…they are ‘good shoes’. If the shoes don’t address the person’s individual foot biomechanics, that shoe can cause more harm than good. At Northern Foot Care Center, I can thoroughly evaluate the patient and direct them to a specific type of shoe that would address their needs. In addition, if a biomechanical device is needed to target and relieve pain, we can provide this all under one roof.

What about shoe inserts found in some stores?

Dr. Reminga continues….”The problem with over-the-counter products found in stores is that they are not specific enough to provide a solution for patients and some can even cause harm. This is because foot issues aren’t being evaluated correctly to begin with and a generic product is expected to solve a very specific, and sometimes complex, foot issue. At best, they provide little more than a pad for the shoe. I warn my patients of this because these “one size fits all” solutions can not provide answers to complex biomechanical foot issues.”

If you want Happy Holiday Feet this year…call 482-9950 or Click here to make your appointment.