Today Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about the shift that is taking place in the choices women are making about their feet. Women are living increasingly active lives these days with more travel and an increased interest in living a casual lifestyle. And as a result, women’s footwear choices are also changing. Back in the day, women wore suits and high heels to their workplace and to church on Sunday for example.

Today however, women are thinking about casual comfort more now than ever. In fact, according to a recent Retail Tracking Survey, in 2017...sales of high heels declined by 11% in the United States while women’s sneaker sales increased by 37% within the same time period. In recent days there has been a “health & wellness lifestyle” shift which has encouraged more technical advancements in today’s footwear to better serve the female consumer and their ever-changing lifestyles. Another report that follows trends also recently reported that women are choosing to dressing-down compared to previous decades… and as a result sales of high heels are in fact suffering. There has been a surge in “heel purges” which means women are ditching their high heels altogether while athletic footwear and sneakers are showing an upward trend-line.

So… what foot problems are shoes creating for women? Well, high heels are one of the biggest offenders. They are notorious for causing foot pain. Haglund’s deformity often develops in women who wear pump-style high heels. The symptoms include a bony bump on the back of the heel, severe pain in the area where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel, or swelling in the bursa... which is the fluid filled sac at the back of the heel. Switching to lower heels will help to avoid problems with the metatarsal bones. In general, the lower you go, the more natural your foot position will be. However, that’s not to say that flat shoes are good for everyone. Depending on the person’s foot biomechanics, a slight heel can be a better choice.

Listen to today’s program to find out more about the A Growing Women’s Movement that is taking place when it comes to the choices women are making about their shoes.

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