In today’s program Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about the weight we carry around each day and how our body weight affects our feet. When you think about your feet you soon realize that they are a very important part of the body. They really are a powerhouse that keeps us mobile, active and self-sufficient. Given that they bear the weight of your entire body as they carry you through your daily routine, it’s not surprising that being overweight can lead to foot problems. Studies show that there is a correlation between a person’s weight and foot pain. World Health Organization defines obesity as someone having a BMI of 30 or higher, and can result in various health issues. The correlation is that these people are more likely to develop foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, foot pain on the ball of the foot, arch pain, and tendonitis. Knee, hip, and back pain can also result. Once the feet are affected by extra body weight the rest of the body starts to come into play due to an “off-set” of the bodies biomechanical function.

The fact is, as your weight increases, your feet have to work harder to support you. Your tissues, muscles, and bones in your feet have a greater workload. Just 5-10 pound of extra body weight can be all that it takes to cause symptoms of overuse and strain on the feet and ankles. Also, being overweight is one of the main factors that raises your risk of diabetes which can lead to reduced blood flow, gout, infection, and peripheral artery disease or PAD. According to the American Heart Association, being overweight is a preventable risk factor for peripheral artery disease.

Listen to find out more about this interesting subject. Dr. Reminga is a board certified foot and ankle specialist with over 30 years of experience. If you have any type of foot or ankle problem, Dr. Reminga can help.

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