Today Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about Summer flip-flops and if they are a good or bad summer footwear choice. Statistically, the Summer Season is when foot problems and foot injuries reach their peak. There are many reason for this and today Dr. Reminga’s going to to talk about this statistic when it comes to your footwear choice.

It’s reasonable to think that people have more foot problems in the summer for the simple reason that our feet are exposed more. Summer is the season where our feet feel liberated! We free them from shoes, boots and socks. We also enjoy the freedom of fresh air and warm temperatures. Along with that comes lighter footwear and in some footwear at all. Going barefoot is all too common in the Summertime and when wearing sandals, flip-flops are one of the worst offenders. The minimal support and protection that flip- flops offer contributes to Summer’s most common foot and ankle injuries. These foot and ankle problems include overuse injuries, tendonitis, hammer toes, bunions, and stress fractures for example. In addition, because you carry your foot differently in flip-flops, than you do in more supportive shoes, a person can literally change the entire way they walk which can trigger pain and problems in other areas of the body, such as… the ankles, knees, hips, back, and all the way up to the neck and head.

If you love wearing Summer Flip Flops and also suffer from foot or ankle pain and discomfort or you just like this Summer fashion footwear choice you will want to listen to Dr. Reminga explains why Summer Flip Flops may be killing your feet.

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