In today’s program, Dr. Reminga from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about leg conditions and why you shouldn’t ignore leg pain. At one time or another we all experience tired achy legs. The causes can be different for different people. It can be due to standing or sitting for extended periods, a strenuous workout, or a long walk that we aren’t used to. If your legs occasionally ache, it could just be tired muscles, however, if the aches and pains persist, it may be time to take a closer look at what’s causing the discomfort.

There are instances where leg aches and pains can be the sign of a more serious medical condition. In general, the feeling of tired, heavy, aching legs is more likely to occur in women, especially as they get older. The condition can sometimes be hereditary and is more likely to occur in people who are overweight and in those that sit or stand for prolonged periods during their day and smokers.

Leg pain is most commonly brought on by problems with bones, joints, or muscles, blood vessels, soft tissue or skin infections and peripheral nerves. There are numerous causes of leg pain and discomfort that need further attention such as… shin splints, tendonitis, muscle cramps, broken bone, a sprained joint, blood clots or DVT, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease or PAD, diabetic neuropathy, and cholesterol lowering medications for example. In today’s program, Dr. Reminga examines each of these cases and provides some very helpful information for those bothered by or suffering from Achy, Sore, or Painful Legs.

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