In today’s program, Dr. Reminga from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about children's feet and offers some helpful guidance for parents. When considering the health of their children, parents do everything they can to help them grow up healthy and strong. Parents get their children vaccinated, take them to the dentist and optometrist, and they do their best to ensure their kids eat a nutritious diet to help them grow but... what about the important role foot health plays in their overall development? This is an important question and one Dr. Reminga will answer in this program. Another question he Dr. Reminga answers is in regards to the term "growing pains". This term is widely overused and there is no evidence that links this term to a child's growth.

Children's feet drastically change during their developmental years. A child's body is in a constant state of change as they mature and the feet are no different. The greatest changes in foot growth occur in the first 3 years of a child's life. Children's feet are developing at a rapid rate and need specialized care and attention as a result. Remember... the foot is a complex structure comprised of 26 bones. Together, the feet contain more than a quarter of all the bones in your body. These bones are designed to support the entire body, adapt to uneven surfaces, absorb shock, and carry our bodies over a lifetime.

Dr. Reminga treats children regularly in his office at Northern Foot Care Center. He says, “When a parent brings their child into my office, they are often directed by their own good judgement and instincts. Way too often, I've heard parents say that they've been told... Not to worry... their child will "grow out of" foot or ankle pain and they should just write it off as "growing pains". This is a dangerous statement and one that should never be said.”

Listen to today’s program to find out more about your child’s feet and the importance of early detection when it comes to their foot and ankle pain.I NOW know you do that!

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