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October 13, 2014
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Baby Boomers aren’t slowing down any time soon. They danced to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Unlike theirparents, baby boomers don’t accept getting old and they don’t accept foot and ankle pain as a natural part of aging. If you are a baby boomer, maybe you can relate to the lyrics in this song….

Baby Boomers are post World War II babies, those born between 1945 and 1964. The “Boomer Generation” makes up a large portion of the North American population. They represent almost 20% of the American population. Let’s face it, baby boomers have a presence and they are active and thriving. There isn’t any time for rocking in a rocking chair when it comes to baby boomers. They’re more likely to be rockin’ at a rock concert than rockin’ in a rocking chair. 


There’s a lesson to learn from baby boomers that are getting back into  fitness and sports. And the lesson is….


Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center in Houghton, tells us, “As people age and try to stay in shape, if there has been a previous injury, there’s a higher risk for a more serious injury in the future to the previously injured area of the foot or ankle.” Dr. Reminga continues, “One in four sports injuries will involve the foot or ankle. This number is significant. A large number of these injuries are due to improper, incomplete healing of the previous injury. If there’s a previous injury that wasn’t completely rehabilitated, pain and swelling can occur as a person increases their physical activity.” Dr. Reminga stresses, “It’s important to remember that pain isn’t normal, even if you’re starting a physical fitness program. It’s often misunderstood how serious a sprain can be. Without the evaluation, proper post traumatic care and enough time for the healing process to take place, rushing back into action can lead to bigger problems. A sprain that happened years ago, may not be noticeable in normal daily activities, however, subjecting the foot and ankle to strenuous physical activity, can cause further damage and can result in persistent pain and swelling.” 

Yes, that’s right. Arthritis, in the toes and ankles, can cause pain and discomfort for baby boomers. Consider  this; there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, which include gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The most common types that affect the feet are post-traumatic, which we spoke of earlier, and osteoarthritis. Dr. Reminga says, “Osteoarthritis most often occurs in the big toe joint, ankle, and mid-foot joints. It is important to note that with osteoarthritis, it’s important to seek treatment early in order to guard against irreversible joint damage. I find that my patients, with early stage foot or ankle arthritis, can greatly benefit from the proper shoe selection and a thorough biomechanical evaluation. Surgical intervention may also be an option. The good news is that there are more medical advance to baby boomers today than ever before. At Northern Foot Care Center I utilize cutting-edge LASER technology to help patients with healing, inflammation, and pain. Laser is an amazing medical advance that can be performed right in our office. Laser cuts down on time off work, patients can go back to work right after the treatment. Laser is a time efficient procedure. Most treatments are from 10-40 minutes depending on the size and severity of the injured area. Also, LASER is pain-free, drug-free and no surgery is involved.” 

Yes, that’s correct, LASER has many benefits. Only at Northern Foot Care Center, Dr. Reminga can offer his patient’s state-of-the art medical advances to eliminate pain, increase healing, and get patients back to doing what they love. For baby boomers, that may mean playing with your grandchildren, running that marathon, or simply listening to the sound of crunching leaves under foot as you hike that backwoods trail. Maybe you have something you want to do again, but foot and ankle pain, is stopping you. There is an answer to your foot pain.

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