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On Saturday, Sept. 27, at Northern Foot Care Center in Houghton, Dr. Daniel Reminga conducted a historic event… the FIRST-EVER, Free Foot Screening for Kids! The event was a huge success! The day was filled with parents and children receiving education about foot health.

All the children in attendance also received free gift bags to take home as a special treat. It was an information and fun filled day for all who participated!

participated! Dr. Reminga decided to conduct the free foot screening because children’s feet are often overlooked and misdiagnosed. As a result, children then become adults with more serious foot problems. Dr. Reminga says, “If a child’s foot problem is caught early, and the proper treatment is provided, that child’s foot problem can be corrected early and result in less problems as an adult. Foot problems don’t stop at the feet. If left untreated… these foot problems can manifest themselves as ankle, knee, back and neck problems later in life.” When asked why he felt the need to provide a free kids clinic, Dr. Reminga said, “I want kids to start their journey in life on the right foot, so to speak. I want parents to have the understanding they need to know if their child has a foot issue or, will have one down the road. Knowledge is power, and parents should be armed with all the knowledge they can get about their children.”

Here is a live interview Dr. Reminga gave on the WKMJ radio a few days prior to the Kid’s Free Foot Screening Event on Sept. 27, 2014. Please listen…

Thanks to Dr. Reminga and Staff for making the FIRSTEVER, Kid’s FreeFoot Screening a success! When asked if Dr. Reminga would conduct future free screenings? Dr. Reminga’s answer...“We are looking at conducting future Free Screenings as the result of seeing such an overwhelming public response to our Kid’s Free Foot Screening. The public needs to be, and wants to be, proactive in their health care and their family’s health care. With the current climate in health care that we are seeing, I want to provide access to patients in an environment that promotes learning and education without the complications of the traditional approach to seeking answers in the medical system. At Northern Foot Care Center, we are all about education and information. As far as future screenings are concerned…we want to continue this approach and we will make the public aware of future Free Clinics at Northern Foot Care Center.”

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