Today, Dr. Daniel Reminga from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about Diabetes Awareness. More than 26 million people in the US have Diabetes. This condition is characterized by too much glucose or sugar in the blood and can cause serious medical complications, including foot problems which commonly develop in people with diabetes. These complications can quickly become serious if not watch closely.

Why are the feet so vulnerable for those with diabetes? Due to the excess sugar in the blood, diabetics are vulnerable to nerve damage and poor blood circulation. These problems make the feet vulnerable to a host of problems that can worsen quickly and are difficult to treat if ignored.

Nervous system impairment or neuropathy, is a major complication for those with diabetes and may cause loss of feeling in the feet and hands. Neuropathy affects about 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes. Unfortunately, there's a whole list of foot problems that can escalate for the diabetic patient, leading to pain and infection. These foot problems include... corns and calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, hammertoes, bunions, athletes foot, dry cracked skin, and fungal infections for example. If a diabetic has any of these foot problems, Dr. Reminga recommends a call to his office right away. He also stresses that these conditions aren't to be taken lightly. Minor injuries can become major emergencies before you know it. Prompt attention to any sore or infection on the toe or foot can ultimately prevent gangrene or even amputation.

Listen to today’s program to find out more about this interesting topic. Dr. Reminga is a board certified foot and ankle specialist with over 30 years of experience. If you have any type of foot or ankle problem, Dr. Reminga can help.

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