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By contactus@northernfootandankle.com
April 26, 2017
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In today’s program Dr. Reminga talks about the all-too-often experience of stubbing a toe. Why is it so painful? Can it be serious? And… what should we do when we stub a toe? Well, we’ve all been there I would venture to say. That moment when you’re walking without shoes in stocking feet or barefoot and… BAM, you smack your toe into the corner of a table, the post of a bed, or some other object that crosses your path. Before you know it… you’re yelling in agony, hopping around the room… and holding onto your foot in hopes of easing the pain. Then you ask yourself, once you’ve gathered your composure, “Did I just stub my toe or, could it be something worse?”

Stubbed toes are very painful and can result in more serious injuries to the toes and feet. Our toes are comprised of VERY sensitive nerves that send signals to our central nervous system in a split second. That’s why the pain associated with a stubbed toe seems so exaggerated.

Dr. Reminga talks more about this common injury in today’s program. He distinguishes the difference between a broken toe and a sprained toe. The symptoms can look very similar but there are key differences that you should know about. An injured toe needs the proper diagnosis to help heal the injury and help to prevent further problems with that toe in the future. This program will be relatable to all those who have experienced and suffered the agony of a stubbed toe.

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