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By Daniel Reminga
December 16, 2013
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Are your “dogs”, a.k.a….your feet, sore and achy? There are many causes for achy, sore feet, one of which may be the time of year.

For starters…
The holidays are right around the corner, that may be one reason why your feet are sore and achy. The hustle and bustle of the season causes us to be on our feet a lot. Shopping, baking, decorating, entertaining, house cleaning, traveling….and the list goes on and on. It may be that you are on your feet more than usual at this time of year.

Think about it...
Your feet bear the weight of your entire body when you’re standing. Naturally, if you’re standing more than usual, your feet and their joints and ligaments get more worn out. The weight of your body places a strain on your feet.

Dr. Reminga, a board certified foot and ankle specialist, at Northern Foot Care Center in Houghton, says, “If you have swollen feet by the end of the day, you should elevate your legs and move your feet and ankles up and down.This helps to circulate and pump blood back to the heart.”

What cause this?...
Dr. Reminga continues, “When you stand on your feet for long periods, not contracting your muscles, the blood drains to the feet resulting in swelling. This in turn makes the feet feel sore, achy and sometimes painful. This discomfort can be exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes as well.” Increased standing or walking can cause even the healthiest of feet to become sore and achy. Shoes that don’t fit properly combined with extra stress on the feet, resulting from standing or walking on hard surfaces such as concrete for long periods, can take a toll on your feet by the end of the day. This overuse can then turn into other foot problems such as sore arches, heel pain, bunion pain, blisters, etc.

What can you do?...

1. Foot Bath - One of the best remedies for sore, achy feet is a foot bath. Dr. Reminga says, “Soaking your feet in a basin of warm water for 5-10 minutes sounds simple, however, it can be very effective in helping to alleviate overstressed muscles and connective tissue due to excess activity and prolonged weight bearing. In addition, try adding 1-2 tablespoons of Epson salts per gallon of warm water to your foot bath. If your feet are swollen, tired, or hot switch to cool water instead of warm water. After soaking your feet for 5-10 minutes, elevate your feet for a half hour or more.”

2. Stretch- Dr. Reminga also says..,”Overstressed feet have overstessed muscles. The muscles in tired feet can contract or spasm. Stretching your feet can counteract this. The best time to stretch your feet is after a warm soak. This is due to the fact that your muscles will be the most relaxed after a warm water soak.” Sit in a comfortable chair and gently stretch the foot joints by using a strap (belt or towel) at the base of the toes and in the arch area. Hold each position comfortably for 10-20 seconds.

3. Check your shoes -The type of shoes we wear can make a big difference in how our feet feel by the end of a long day. Dr. Reminga, who has over 28 years of experience as a foot specialist, tells us, “When shoes do not offer support, tendons and ligements become strained. Once this happens we tend to alter the way we walk to compensate for the discomfort that we are experienceing. As a result, this may lead to foot problems, as well as, joint, ankle, knee, hip, and even back and neck problems.” At Northern Foot Care Center, in Houghton, Dr. Reminga offers a wide variety of shoes that address each individuals foot problems. Dr. Reminga also participates in the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program. Dr. Reminga can evaluate and recommend the correct footwear for an individual based on an accurate diagnosis of the foot.

4. Orthotics - An orthotic is a custom prescribed device placed in the shoe. A custom orthotic offers support, and when prescribed by a board certified foot and ankle specialist like Dr. Reminga, will align and correct the function of the foot. Dr. Reminga says, “As we age, our foot function changes. The biomechanics of the foot changes, we may no longer walk in a neutral position. Orthotics can be prescribed and customized for each individuals needs. This customization realigns the foot position resulting in long term relief from foot pain.” At Northern Foot Care Center, Dr. Reminga provides custom orthotics made to each individuals specifications, from durable materials, that will perform for years to come. Custom prescribed orthotics are often confused with products that are available over the counter at some retail outlets. A word of caution…they are not the same, clinical research has shown that “prescribed, custom orthotics” have been successful in decreasing foot pain and improving foot function. Dr. Reminga can determine if you would be a candidate for a custom prescribed orthotic. It could make a big difference in how you are able to get through a long day on your feet.

Take the next step...
If you are experiecing sore, achy, painful feet and have difficulty doing the things you need to do, call our office today for an evaluation. The New Year is just around the corner, start 2014 on the right!

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