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By contactus@northernfootandankle.com
April 18, 2017
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Today Dr. Reminga talks about the odd, annoying, and sometimes painful sensations that can occur in your feet. There are many sensations that relate to the feet. Some of these sensations come on gradually while others seem to come out of the blue. Today, Dr. Reminga wants listeners to think about their feet to determine if any of the sensations Dr. Reminga describes sound or feel familiar to you. Oftentimes a sensation in the foot may be the bodies response to environmental conditions such as cold temperatures... while other times a sensation in the foot may indicate a bigger health issue.

What are the sensations that Dr. Reminga refers to? Spasms, twinges, cramps, sharp and shooting pains can all be sensations that leave you wondering. For example, leg cramps can suddenly wake you in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. This type of cramping is usually a warning sign that you’re overdoing it. If you however feel like your foot or leg cramps are getting worse, and not subsiding, a visit to Dr. Reminga’s office may be in order. Frequent foot or leg cramping may be a warning sign of an underlying medical condition that involves the central nervous system or the body’s circulatory system. Toe cramps can also stem from restricted blood flow due to more serious conditions such as diabetes or, from more benign conditions like shoes that fit too tight. Age also enters into the scenario when it comes to foot cramps.

In addition, Dr. Reminga talks about medical conditions such as Neuropathy and Morton’s Neuroma. Pins and needles, pinched nerves, burning and shooting pains and other sensations can relate to specific medical conditions and may be early warning signs. Listen to today’s program and find out what the strange sensations in your feet really mean and how the sensations may affect your feet and overall health.

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