In today’s program Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, tells us about Barefoot Running. There are those that believe barefoot running is a possible alternative or training alternative to running with shoes. There have been expert opinions, studies, and analysis about the possible health benefits of barefoot running. However, the jury is still out in regards to running without shoes. Research has not yet determined the immediate and long-term effects of this approach to running.


Some say barefoot running improve strength and balance, while promoting a more natural running style. However, there are risks of barefoot running such as a lack of protection, which may lead to injuries with increased stress on the lower extremities. The American Podiatric Medical Association released this statement... “Currently, inconclusive scientific research has been conducted regarding the benefits and/or risks of barefoot running.” This is a neutral stand and one that shows further evaluation in needed.

Barefoot running is not new. The practice has been around for centuries. More recently, however, there has been significant interest in barefoot running which seems to be motivated by claims of improved performance and reduced injuries. So, the debate between barefoot running and "shod" running, which refers to running without shoes, continues.

Listen to find out more about more about barefoot running as Dr. Reminga lays out the pros and cons of running without shoes. Dr. Reminga is a board certified foot and ankle specialist with over 30 years of experience. If you have any type of foot or ankle problem, Dr. Reminga can help.

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