In today’s program Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about men’s and women’s feet. Are there gender differences when it comes to our feet? It may be surprising to you but women’s feet are NOT just smaller versions of men’s feet. There are ACTUAL differences between male and female foot structure.

The differences in physical foot structure is notable between the sexes. Knowing these differences can be helpful. Interestingly, a research study examining the lower leg and foot measurements of 300 men and 500 women in the U.S. Army concluded that there are biologic differences between male and female feet and legs. The study found significant differences in arch shape, arch length, the big toe, and ball of the foot. Women, had a wider forefoot, shorter arch length, and shorter toe bones compared to men. There are also differences in cartilage. It turns out, women’s cartilage is thinner than men's. And, did you know that a hammer toe, which is a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward, is 4-5 times more common in women?

There are numerous differences between men’s and women’s feet. Dr. Reminga lays out these differences and also talks about the foot problems that these difference can cause long term foot pain such as hammer toes, bunions, joint pain, arch pain, neuromas, and corns and calluses for example. Listen to find out more about this interesting subject… The Battle Of The Sexes - Men’s vs Women’s Feet. Dr. Reminga is a board certified foot and ankle specialist with over 30 years of experience. If you have any type of foot or ankle problem, Dr. Reminga can help.

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