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By contactus@northernfootandankle.com
July 19, 2016
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In today's program, Dr. Reminga is going to reveal the foot issues that relate to summer feet. Summer is here and we all like to lighten our load a bit by wearing loose, light-weight clothing. Along with that, we expose our feet and foot-related problems are exposed as well. During this time of year, shoe choices change and those choices often lack support. People also wear more sandals and flip-flops that can strain the feet and cause foot problems. Other summer hazards include scorching sidewalks, stubbed toes, and sunburn. So... Summer can be harsh on one's feet. Studies report that people have more foot problems during the summer season because they tend to be more active, wear less supportive shoes, and they go barefoot more. Dr. Reminga says... "I see more foreign-body injuries in the summer months because people go barefoot and tend to step on things like debris and broken glass in the summertime. Going barefoot is generally not a good idea for a person's foot health. Being barefoot increases your chance of injury or infection, and it can cause foot pain in other ways such as stepping on nails, glass, and debris." Dr. Reminga continues to say that those with diabetes are in even more danger when they go barefoot. They can be at greater risk of infection even with a minor injury to the feet.

Dr. Reminga also talks about the hazards at the beach and going barefoot in the Sauna. Sauna's and any public environment that is wet and damp can be hazardous to the feet as well. Fungus can be lurking and can easily be picked up. Dr. Reminga gives advice on how to avoid fungus and athlete's foot. In addition to fungus infections, he also talks about plantar warts as a summertime hazard. Did you ever wonder what type of shoes are best for summer feet? Dr. Reminga will also give advice for proper shoe selection. Summer is here! Don't miss out on how to protect yourself from the hazards of summertime feet.

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