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By contactus@northernfootandankle.com
August 26, 2017
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Today Dr. Reminga shares 8 subtle conditions that may reveal a bigger story when they appear on the feet. It sounds like Dr. Reminga is going to unravel a mystery today about what our feet may be telling us... if we listen. Our feet can be indicators of what may be happening in the rest of our bodies. They should get a lot of credit because they can alert us to serious illness like thyroid disease, heart disease, and diabetes for example.

The 8 conditions are…

  1. Dry, Cracked Skin
  2. Bald Toes
  3. An Enlarged Big Toe
  4. Ulcers That Don’t Heal
  5. Clubbing Of The Foot
  6. Tiny Red Lines Across The Toenail
  7. Straight Line Running Under The Toenail
  8. A Sudden High Arch

Dr. Reminga explains the underlying health conditions that can be linked to the foot conditions outlined. Listen to today’s program and to find out… THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY when it comes to your feet.

Dr. Daniel Reminga's Weekly Radio Show "Your Feet Your Health" airs every Wednesday at 10 am & 5 pm on WKMJ 93.5FM, WMPL 920AM, WUPY 101.1FM radio. Listen to past recordings here.