In today’s program Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, talks about foot problems associated with gardening and how to protect your feet this growing season. Gardening is popular everywhere and especially in the northern part of the nation due to the pleasure of getting outdoors after a long winter. There are also therapeutic benefits when digging in the ground, nurturing plants, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. According to the National Gardening Survey 74% of all U.S. households participate in lawn and garden activities. The almost 37-billion dollar DIY yard and gardening industry is growing each year at a steady rate led by millennials and by the growth in food gardening according to the same study.

In today’s program, Dr. Reminga takes a look at the role our feet play when it comes to getting out and enjoying this activity. Unfortunately, the sudden increase in repetitive motion and the long days of working in your garden can set a person up for foot and ankle injuries. Many gardeners will experience foot pain this season as a result of overlooking their feet. Gardening is an active, weight-bearing function and, some argue, that it should be considered a sport rather than a passive hobby. So, it would make sense, as with other sports, that we prepare properly before engaging in this activity. Our feet play an important role in movement when gardening. They support our weight and help to balance our stance to reduce spills and falls on uneven ground. They also act as shock absorbers when trudging around in the garden.

Dr. Reminga talks about the type of shoes to wear gardening, foot injuries, and precautions to take this gardening season. Repetitive stress injuries, stubbed toes, painful fractures, ligament injuries, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, corns, and blisters can all be problematic to gardeners. Listen to today’s program so you can weed out any foot problems that may prevent you from an enjoyable gardening season.

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