Warts can cause discomfort and frustration for children and adults. Warts on the feet are called "Plantar Warts" or "Plantar Verruca" while warts on the hands are referred to as "Palmer Warts". They're caused by a virus and can appear anywhere on the skin. Children, especially teenagers, tend to be more susceptible to warts than adults and some people seem to be immune to warts altogether. Statics say that 25% of the population has a wart or warts at any given time and 1/3 of children in primary school have them. Although people of any age can develop these annoying skin irritation… kids, particularly those in early adolescence and younger, are especially susceptible.

Warts on the feet can grow deep and have a complex rooting system. When it comes to warts, the earlier the intervention, the better. Waiting and hoping they go away on their own will only make things worse. Dr. Reminga recommends a call to his office at Northern Foot Care Center, at the first sign of anything that appears to look like a wart, corn, or callus. Early intervention for treatment is the best course of action when it comes to warts on either the hands or feet.

Dr. Reminga says, “There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach when treating warts on the hands or feet in my office. As a specialist, I have a customized protocol when it comes to treatment options. They way I approach it is specific to each patient. This type of treatment is very effective in eradicating and eliminating warts.”

If you or someone you know has one wart or many warts, today’s program will be one of interest. Listen to “What’s Up With Warts” and learn how Dr. Reminga can help you get rid of this bothersome skin condition.

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