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By contactus@northernfootandankle.com
June 06, 2017
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Today Dr. Reminga talks about sprained ankles. The title of today’s program may prompt you to sing the famous Chubby Checker’s song “THE TWIST”. This may be a song and dance style from the late 50’s and 60’s but the twist, that Dr. Reminga is going to talk about today, is quite different. Spraining an ankle isn’t anything to sing and dance about however, it can occur while dancing in addition to other activities. It turns out that ankle sprains are quite common injuries and statistics tell us that most people have twisted an ankle at some point in their life. There’s a pretty good chance that you or someone you know has sprained an ankle either as a child while playing or participating in sports or… as an adult after stepping on an uneven surface or after stepping sideways with a twist to regain balance. It can happen quickly, in fact… approximately 25,000 people sprain an ankle every day.

A sprained ankle occurs when one or more ligaments, that are on the outer side of the ankle, become overstretched or torn. A sprain results when there is damage to a ligament. This is different from a STRAIN, which is an injury to a muscle or tendon. Ligaments, that are involved in a SPRAIN, are tissues that connect bone to bone and support movement by stabilizing the joint. Dr. Reminga distinguishes the difference between a sprain and strain and also talks about the treatment options for this type of injury. There are also preventative measures that can help you avoid a sprained ankle. Listen to today’s program and if the mood hits you, play Chubby Checker’s famous song, THE TWIST. But... be careful, you don't want to twist your ankle if you feel like dancing!

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