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By Daniel Reminga
July 25, 2013
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Have you heard the song... "These Boots are Made for walkin'?"

You may be singing… “These shoes/boots aren’t made for walkin’…”. If you experience foot pain from ill-fitting shoes…shoes that are “made for walkin” are exactly what YOU need!

The shoes that most of us are wearing really are not made for walking. Remember… Part 1 of our series, “Which shoes to choose?”, Dr. Reminga, from Northern Foot Care Center, in Houghton, MI says, “Statistics show that 88% of women are wearing the wrong shoes. The wrong shoes can produce serious negative consequences regarding the health of your feet.”

What are some of the foot disorders associated with improper footwear? Let’s find out…

Athlete’s Foot

You may think that athlete’s foot is limited to runners or people that engage in sports. Dr. Reminga says, “Everyone is susceptible to athlete’s foot. It is characterized by intense itching, burning, pain, and scaling. The scaling usually occurs on the sole of the foot or between the toes. This condition is caused by microscopic fungi, Trichophyton mentagrophytes. These microorganisms thrive in moist, warm environments. Tight-fitting shoes are the perfect warm, moist environment for athlete’s foot to develop.”


Dr. Reminga also says, “Shoes that are worn too big or too small can produce “friction spots” that can rub against sensitive areas on the feet. The body responds by creating a fluid-filled cushion, otherwise known as a blister. The skin that lies beneath the blister is quite tender, making it very uncomfortable to walk on. If the blister is not kept clean, an infection can result. This is especially dangerous for diabetic patients. When impaired circulation is present, oftentimes associated with diabetes, a blister can be difficult to heal and infection can easily set in."

Oh my aching feet!

Aching throbbing feet are often the result of ill-fitting shoes. As we get older the fat padding on the bottom of the foot thins. When wearing improperly fitting shoes, every step taken can result in a great deal of pain. The lack of cushion and poor shoe structure can cause a pounding that can literally affect our feet, knees, back, hips, and even our neck. The reverberations created by the impact on the skeletal structure of the feet can travel all the way up the spine. Aching, tired feet are most often the result of the wrong shoes.


Have you noticed a lump on the side of your foot at the base of your big toe? If you have, it may be that you have a bunion. This “bulge” can be painful and you may not like the way it looks.

When a bunion is irritated it becomes red, painful, and inflamed. In a study conducted, 71% of women surveyed had bunions. If you’ve been bothered with painful bunions, it turns out that you’re not alone. What is often the culprit of painful bunions? Dr. Reminga says, “Bunions are often aggravated or caused by long intervals in tight fitting shoes. Even though heredity can be a contributor in developing bunions…the wrong shoes are often to blame!”

Heel Pain

Do you have flat feet or high arches? Are you a runner? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be experiencing foot pain resulting in inflammation and soreness in the plantar fascia ligament, a ligament that runs between the ball of the foot and the heel. This condition is called Plantar Fasciitis. The pain from Plantar Fasciitis often occurs with the first steps of the day or after extended periods of inactivity. Keeping the muscles stretched can help Plantar Fasciitis, as well as, wearing the correct shoes for your condition. Dr. Reminga stresses that wearing the proper shoes can avert or alleviate this condition all together. “The importance of proper shoes can not be underestimated”, Dr. Reminga says.

We’ve talked about some of the conditions that can be aggravated or caused by the wrong shoes. At Northern Foot Care Center, Dr. Reminga, a board certified foot and ankle specialist, can diagnosis your foot pain and will provide the best care for your feet and ankles. When you consider that 88% of women are wearing the wrong shoes, it may be time for you to get evaluated by an expert.

When wearing the correct shoes for your feet, you’ll be singing…
“These shoes are made for walkin’…”!

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