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By Daniel Reminga
June 12, 2013
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We are constantly bombarded with choices day in and day out. Some seem simple and some are not so simple. What will I eat for breakfast? What route should I take to work? How should I react to my boss? What should I have for lunch? The list of choices goes on and on…Some choices we don’t think much about and other choices we spend a lot of time dissecting and we even lose sleep trying to sort it all out.

When choosing the proper shoes to wear, every choice is important and can have significant health effects. These health effects can be helpful or hurtful depending on the choices we make regarding our feet and the shoes we wear.

Dr. Reminga, at Northern Foot Care Center in Houghton, MI says, “Most footwear on the market today is neither comfortable nor healthy for your feet, 50-75% of all Americans suffer from some type of foot ailment, 80% for women. Many of these foot problems are due to the wrong choice of footwear. Of the 80% of women that are suffering from foot pain, 88% of them are wearing the wrong shoes. That number is astonishing. The footwear choices that these women are making are often too tight, too loose, or shaped in ways that can bend and distort the foot. Footwear plays an important role in the health and comfort of your feet and ankles. Not all foot problems are the result of ill-fitting shoes; however, the wrong pair of shoes can certainly exacerbate or worsen an existing condition as well as be the cause of a foot condition. The right shoes do make a difference in preventing and alleviating foot pain.”

This is part 1 of “Which Shoes to Choose…?” Dr. Reminga, at Northern Foot Care Center, wants to help shed some light on the footwear choices we are all making each and every day. In future blogs of this series, Dr. Reminga will reveal what foot problems can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, how to evaluate smart footwear choices, and how to know if you are wearing the wrong shoes. Dr. Reminga is an expert in the foot and ankle, with over 27 years of experience. Dr. Reminga has treated countless numbers of people with foot and ankle pain and has many grateful and happy patients. See for yourself what Dr. Reminga’s patients are saying, http://www.northernfootcare.com/patienttestimonials.html

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