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"Making the decision to have a bunionectomy is huge and not to be taken lightly. It is a surgery that requires not only expertise from the doctor as to which type of surgery the patient needs, but also the willingness to help the patient understand what s/he needs to do for a complete recovery. Recovering from a bunionectomy is a long arduous process and as one can read anywhere, there can be surgeries that leave the person with more problems then they had before the procedure. I had bunionectomies on both of my feet.

The first was 6 years ago, the second was this past winter. I had the second foot done, again by Dr. Reminga, because of the wonderful results of my first surgery. I had the lapidus procedure on both feet and when I look at my feet, I can hardly tell surgery was ever done. There is little scarring and I am able to run and walk comfortably with no problems. I had such a great experience with Dr. Reminga as my surgeon and as a resource after the surgery in understanding proper running shoes and exercises to regain muscle strength. He took the time both before and after surgery to aid in the recovery process. He was resourceful, patient and knowledgeable and staff at the Center are welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Reminga and the Northern Foot Care Center for treatment of podiatric services."


Atlantic Mine, MI

“This is a fun office. You are treated with respect as a human being. You are not just a number or a meal ticket. Dr Reminga used a new technique on me…  After 3 months I now walk, run, shovel, and toss bales of hay free from pain. This is the first time in 15 years I walk and do what I want and experience absolutely no pain.”

-K. K.

 Chassell, MI

”He exhibits serious interest in your problem. Nice office, good parking. Staff are friendly and efficient. We both hold Dr. Reminga in “high regard”! Most other offices act like they are doing you a favor. Dr. Reminga is friendly and cheerful…helps to relax the patient. Also education…tells you what to expect.”

-Robert and Ruth N.

 Lake Linden, MI

“ I suspect that there aren’t many people that look forward to podiatric appointments… but I’m one! In addition to the high level of professionalism exhibited by Dr. Dan and his staff, I actually have fun every time I come to Northern Foot Care Center. I am especially appreciative of Dr. Dan’s attention to my total health… I always feel welcome and well-cared for at Northern Foot Care Center. It’s great being treated as an individual rather than an “assembly line”…”

-Tom B.

 Calumet, MI

“Office people are just wonderful and worth their weight in gold. Office is always clean and well managed. Dr. is always friendly and explains things, answers questions. Hardly any wait time. Some foot doctors don’t want to take the time with each patient, Dr. Reminga does!!”

-N. K.

 Lake Linden, MI

“The office is clean, staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. is very friendly and concerned about my health. I feel my visit was thorough and Dr. gives simple solutions to my foot pain as well as the best orthotics I have worn. This experience in this office was positive. I find the office friendly, clean, and prompt on appointment making, returning calls and delivery of products. Other offices I have been to are not as considerate and prompt.”


 Houghton, MI

“Dr. Reminga has been my podiatric physician for several years. My experience has been extremely positive. …Dr. Reminga and his staff have been amazingly responsive to my needs and compassionate in their provision of care. Quality of life and function are a primary focus for this medical team. Dr. Reminga has compassion and tenacity in healing my ailment and has always included my thoughts in our treatment approach.

Staff spends time talking with you. They never make you feel like you are bothering them. Calls are returned promptly. There is a huge focus on comfort and education.”

-Lisa A.

 Hancock, MI


-Brian H. ‘

 Houghton, MI

“Doctor does his own work! Would recommend to anyone.”

-Dennis K.

 Lake Linden, MI

“I’ve had plantar warts for the last 7 years. My family practice doctor was not successful at treating them, so I finally decided that I’d had enough and came here. They are not gone yet, but Dr. Reminga has made great progress. I am thrilled with the possibility that I won’t have to live with these for my entire life. The office staff are great! Very personable.”

-Katie T.

 Hancock, MI

“It feels comfortable to be at this office, everyone is helpful, friendly, and easy to talk with. They listen to what I’m saying and provide or suggest answers to problems…

I’m generally stressed by going into medical surroundings, but I don’t experience that high stress level here.”

-Sue S.

 Hancock, MI

“Easy to schedule an appointment. Dr. is always interested in your life and checks to see if foot problems are interfering with day to day living, or if other health problems are occurring. He doesn’t guess at what might be the cause of your problem, but investigates and tests to be sure of the diagnosis…More personalized care and treatment. “

-Melinda C.

 L’Anse, MI